Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dedy turned 13 Today!!!

My Princess turned 13 today, I can't believe how fast the time is running!
She is a sweet Lady already :)

Happy Birthday Our Princess ! Everything you wish to become true !!!

We Love You For Ever !!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Come Back

Since long time I didn't even access my blog anymore... A lot of storms were happening in my life... I don't feel like writing about ... Maybe later , I hope soon , when all the bad time is gone , I'll mention something about.

Yesterday I was with my only and best friend ( we grew up together) to the clinic.
On 30 Dec. she'll have a baby !!!
I hope everything will run smoothly and my friend will be a healthy, happy and wonderful mom:)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Last Friday, we got an invitation to Madinat. A great place, we really enjoyed the evening.
Dedy was super excited!
Facebook is amazing ! We got in touch with so many friends and collegs from all the ships we worked, all over the world. It's so much fun! Some of them got married, have children, some of them are still infected with the "sealife" virus :D
So, over facebook, a friend of us,sent us a message that she's in Switzerland now, working in a great Castle as Suechef and her boss will fly to Dubai to visit some friends of him. She insisted that we meet eachother, so this was! Last Thursday we got a phone call coming with the invitation to Madinat.
So, on Friday we had on!
When we arrived, at the entrance somebody was waiting for us and directly called the Assit.Manager to informer her. She came (a wonderful german lady) and guide us to the lounge.
Great people, super friendly and very happy to meet us. It was a pleasure to talk with people from our field, gastronomie, and to recall the gorgeous sea life.
We were invited in the VIP lounge, the service was sublime, actually normal for 5*. The entire place was marvellous decorated for Valentine's day, all the guest were excited and you could feel the celebration spirit flying in the air.
Our new german friends are placed in very high position belonging to Jumeira concern.
Happy to find out that the knowledge and the experience are appreciated in some place from this country!
My Lovely got some interesting cooperation offers regarding his business, so all in all it was a very pleasant and fruitful time!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day

Even we don't need this day to celebrate our love, I still wish you the traditional

Happy Valentine's Day, My Lovely !

You know I love you , so I don't have to mention it anymore, and I know very well that you love me also so much :D

Anyway, I wish us to have a wonderful time and life many many many years from now on!

Friday, February 13, 2009

International Day

On Thursday, was a big day for Dedy in school. They celebrated the International Day.

Each class was in charge with one country.Her class was assingned to prepare projects about Egypt. She did a great job, a huge project about pyramids. Our job (parents) was to provide our child with a traditional costum and of course to get some food:D

Like a very funy and modern family what we are :D, we shared the responsabilities.

I directly said: " I prefer to look after the make-up and the costum! " My Lovely: " Of course I take the left over, cooking stuff "

.....and after all these have been said..... I can tell that I was very busy the last three days, BUT very happy and proud when I saw the result :

Saturday, February 7, 2009


GOD , please help us to go through and bring the light in our lives!!! Don't let us down,don't forget us, and keep us under your protection! YOU are the only one I trust!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parents-Teacher meeting

A few days back, I was with My Lovely at school, for the parents-teachers meeting.

Dedy made us so proud! All the teachers described her, as a very smart, hard worker with a very strong character. After a hard working day, to hear all these nice stories about our child, was realy, a refresment! It was enough to introduce ourselves:"we are Denisa's parents" and the praise words started to come. I can't say how happy , and proud made us, even we were completely "out of order", all the tiredness was like eraised from our faces, and cheered us up.

She gives all her best to make us happy, but the most important is that she has a great interes in learning.

When we arrived at home, late in the evening, of course she didn't sleep, she was waiting for us, boiling and thinking about what will be. She jumped in our arms and flooded us with questions. My Lovely acted very serious and told to her to calm down, have a sit, because we need to talk very serious about important things. She got already red like a boiled lobster, and run after me asking"what's happend Anca, what have I done wrong". I told her to calm down and go in the living room,I'll be there in 2min. I just closed the door from the bedroom, and prepared the gift for her. We bought a sweet pajamas, after I aranged it nice on her pillow, I put one choco also, and left to attend the "serious discussion about imp. things":) My Lovely made up a nice story about the teachers' opinions regarding Dedy, like, talking about something with somebody but not saying anything.(it's a bit confusing, I know), and finally release her from the tension and send her in the bedroom. OOOOaaaUuu!!! We heared a happy scream, so she got it!!!

"How you can be!What parents I have!How you can keep me under pression so many time!Anyway, I love you both so muuuuuuccchhhhh!!!"

After that we had a very delicious dinner and of course our regular chat with my parents.

So, everybody happy, untill now. I hope this year will run so good and so smoothly like Dedy runs in school:D