Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parents-Teacher meeting

A few days back, I was with My Lovely at school, for the parents-teachers meeting.

Dedy made us so proud! All the teachers described her, as a very smart, hard worker with a very strong character. After a hard working day, to hear all these nice stories about our child, was realy, a refresment! It was enough to introduce ourselves:"we are Denisa's parents" and the praise words started to come. I can't say how happy , and proud made us, even we were completely "out of order", all the tiredness was like eraised from our faces, and cheered us up.

She gives all her best to make us happy, but the most important is that she has a great interes in learning.

When we arrived at home, late in the evening, of course she didn't sleep, she was waiting for us, boiling and thinking about what will be. She jumped in our arms and flooded us with questions. My Lovely acted very serious and told to her to calm down, have a sit, because we need to talk very serious about important things. She got already red like a boiled lobster, and run after me asking"what's happend Anca, what have I done wrong". I told her to calm down and go in the living room,I'll be there in 2min. I just closed the door from the bedroom, and prepared the gift for her. We bought a sweet pajamas, after I aranged it nice on her pillow, I put one choco also, and left to attend the "serious discussion about imp. things":) My Lovely made up a nice story about the teachers' opinions regarding Dedy, like, talking about something with somebody but not saying anything.(it's a bit confusing, I know), and finally release her from the tension and send her in the bedroom. OOOOaaaUuu!!! We heared a happy scream, so she got it!!!

"How you can be!What parents I have!How you can keep me under pression so many time!Anyway, I love you both so muuuuuuccchhhhh!!!"

After that we had a very delicious dinner and of course our regular chat with my parents.

So, everybody happy, untill now. I hope this year will run so good and so smoothly like Dedy runs in school:D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happyness !!!

Yesterday, early in the morning Dedy arrived :)

Our princess is with us now. Today she started the school. She was very excited about.

She brought us a lot of gifts sent by my parents, traditional romanian food and of course a looooooot of stories :)

Yesterday was a gorgeous day !

We even allowed her to go later than usually in bed !

For the evening we have plans, we'll go somewhere out, we don't know yet where, we'll see :)

Have a great day all of you !!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm so happy, Dedy will come back in 2 days !!! I can't wait anymore, I feel like the time stopped. She is in holiday at my parents home, since 1st December. Even we spoke with them every day, I'm sure she'll have a lot of stories to tell us, especially about Christmas and Silvester. I can't wait to see all the pictures taken at home, together with my parents and the new house. Last year my parents started to build a huge house, last time I saw it,was in August for my brother's wedding. I was very surprised and super content about it, and it was not finished. So, I can imagine now, after 5 months of hard work, how it looks like. I'm sure it is gorgeous!

I'm dreaming about the time when all of us will be home!
My father dream, is that all of us are at home, before Christmas, for cleaning :) He will be very pleased to sit down with my mother and look to us how we are cleaning, at least only the windows ( 14bedrooms!) :) He is very funy :) He just wants to get all his family together, and then he'll not let us to move one finger. Even in the kitchen, we are not allowed, because is my mother's teritory :) Actually, I have nothing against, I know my mother very well and anyway My Lovely is in charge with this matter :D

I hope in August I finally can go back home ! I hope, I hoope I hooope!
I miss them all so much !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

Good Bye 2008 !

It was a very difficult time, but despite all the troubles, we had a lot of gaieties as well. Dedy had excellent results in school, and our business was launched.
Anyway, I'm very happy to say Bye-Bye to 2008, and I'm looking forward for a better time.

We had a very pleasant Silvester ! After a very long and funny chat with my parents & our princess, we made all our phone calls in Germany. It was a kind of entertainment, cause, we were the first appointed with 2009, 2hours later it was my parents turn, and finally my lovely brother with his wife,3 hours later, welcomed the New Year!

2008 tested our cooking and organizing skills,(work under stress) for the last time :)
My Lovely prepared a delicious dinner accompanied by a glass of "Le Clos Du Manoir"(Bordeaux Superieur-2005), while I was tiding up the place and took a fast shower.
3minutes to midnight, we were ready with all the preparation, nice dressed and waiting for the count down :)

Gorgeous ! We welcomed the New Year, with Peace , Love & the Light of Hope in our hearts !

I wish you all a Great New Year, enriched with Health, Love & Happiness !

La Multi Ani ! Un An Nou Fericit, plin de bucurii si surprize placute !

Einen Guten Rutsch Ins Neue Jahr !