Friday, February 13, 2009

International Day

On Thursday, was a big day for Dedy in school. They celebrated the International Day.

Each class was in charge with one country.Her class was assingned to prepare projects about Egypt. She did a great job, a huge project about pyramids. Our job (parents) was to provide our child with a traditional costum and of course to get some food:D

Like a very funy and modern family what we are :D, we shared the responsabilities.

I directly said: " I prefer to look after the make-up and the costum! " My Lovely: " Of course I take the left over, cooking stuff "

.....and after all these have been said..... I can tell that I was very busy the last three days, BUT very happy and proud when I saw the result :


Mars said...

she looks like a doll :)

sea life said...

Oh yes, our lovely doll :D