Friday, February 20, 2009


Last Friday, we got an invitation to Madinat. A great place, we really enjoyed the evening.
Dedy was super excited!
Facebook is amazing ! We got in touch with so many friends and collegs from all the ships we worked, all over the world. It's so much fun! Some of them got married, have children, some of them are still infected with the "sealife" virus :D
So, over facebook, a friend of us,sent us a message that she's in Switzerland now, working in a great Castle as Suechef and her boss will fly to Dubai to visit some friends of him. She insisted that we meet eachother, so this was! Last Thursday we got a phone call coming with the invitation to Madinat.
So, on Friday we had on!
When we arrived, at the entrance somebody was waiting for us and directly called the Assit.Manager to informer her. She came (a wonderful german lady) and guide us to the lounge.
Great people, super friendly and very happy to meet us. It was a pleasure to talk with people from our field, gastronomie, and to recall the gorgeous sea life.
We were invited in the VIP lounge, the service was sublime, actually normal for 5*. The entire place was marvellous decorated for Valentine's day, all the guest were excited and you could feel the celebration spirit flying in the air.
Our new german friends are placed in very high position belonging to Jumeira concern.
Happy to find out that the knowledge and the experience are appreciated in some place from this country!
My Lovely got some interesting cooperation offers regarding his business, so all in all it was a very pleasant and fruitful time!


SARAH said...

Hi, long time no see! I've been reading all your updates, Ma sha Allah, I am happy for you and your husband for having met your friends and peers via Facebook, it is good that you got in touch with most of them. And your week-end getaway sounds just great. I hope you'll enejoy more and more happy and peaceful moments together with your family. And I've also got to comment on youjr daughter's achievements at school, Ma sha Allah, she seems to be an extraordinary kid, may she make you happy and proud all the time, In sha Allah. It cracked me up reading the story with the pyjama, you conveyed it so well, it was as if I was watching a movie while reading it!

Laura said...

Anca draga, nu ai idee cat de mult ma bucur ca te-am regasit!!! :)
Frumoase de tot pozele cu voi, ma bucur sa va vad sanatosi si fericiti!
Te-am pus "sub urmarire" :D ...asa ca, de-acum voi fi mai la curent cu postarile tale noi!
Te pup si numai bine!!!