Thursday, September 25, 2008


Since long time I didn't have time for my spot anymore :(
A lot of things are happening in our lives, thanks God are only good and very good!!!

Dedy is super in the school, we are so happy and proud parents! My dream is, that everything will run like the school is running!

Anyway, My Lovely is very successful and soon I'll have my peace as well.
I signed off the last job, this make me the most content person from the world. Soon I'll work with My Lovely together so no more headaches and no more stress. Both of us we'll work only for us, for our family :)
I miss my parents so much, the time spent at home was too little, and running so fast, because of the wonderful wedding.
My father(Bibiba) got some bad news about his health, I pray to God he'll be OK. I love them both so much. Life is so strange, I wish so much to be all together, all the family, but for the moment is not possible. We are all separate, in different corners of this world.
Anyway, a lot of people are facing our situation, and I'm looking forward very strong to our next meeting, I don't know yet when it'll be, but I'm sure next year..........................
I hope so much that Nico & Franti will come to visit us when they'll be back from Germany, but this will be also next year..........

I wish you all a wonderful time :)


Mars said...

welcome back :)

sea life said...

Thanks Mars,
very busy lately.