Monday, September 29, 2008

*** Franti and Nico ***

*** Our Princess with her GodParents ***

***In the Oldest Museum from Sibiu***

*** The First Dance ***

*** The Wedding Cake is comming!!! ***

*** Just cut it!!! Everybody have mouth watering :)! ***

*** The Real Party Guys ***

*** Mother and daughter ***

*** Casa de piatra ***

*** Si Copii Sanatosi ***

Cu multa dragoste : Dedy, Anca si J├╝rgen


SARAH said...

Awww, such a nice couple, they look so cute together. I hope they'll be blessed with an awsome marriage and lots and lots of happiness :) The wedding dress looks fabulous and the bride looks great, you can tell she's happy just by looking at her. Than ks for sharing these lovely photos.

Mars said...

ditto with sarah. it looks like u had a blast and all the best for the new couple. and you and your daughter look so pretty. is your dress ethnic?

sea life said...

Thank you very much for the wishes!
My dress I bought it from Sharjah, so it´s not traditional romanian.
Even I would like to wear a trad. rom. dress, I could not afford it.