Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pay Day

Normally, I´m not the friend of revenge. I always controled myself and didn´t let my brain and my heart to get dirty , I hate to hate somebody. My conviction is that GOD knows and see everything and everybody and our lives are in His power, none of us will leave this life without to pay for everything what we did, good or bad.
But NOW, not anymore, not with this person. I know I´ll spend a lot of my energy to pay back everything, but I´m ready to do it. God knows how many times and how loooong time I tried to ingnore all her direct and indirect attacks.
It´s finished now! I garanty you, that you´ll pay back for each and every bad thing what you did to my family, for every fucking word what you addressed to and about my daughter.
NOBODY nobody never ever, have hurted my daughter, you did it so many times, you tried to blame my child in front of me, without success of course, but when I remember how dirty and how foxy you were, playing the role of a good person, WHAT YOU´LL NEVER BE, tried to manipulate me against my child and my husband. What did you think? How could you dare to believe that you can turn me against my family? How did you dare to think that you are more important than my family?
My Princess is the light of my eyes and My Lovely is the love of my life! Nothing Nothing Nothing will change this ever!!!
You are a bad person, with dirty heart and no soul, selfish, greedy, envious and boastful, a Tyrand a Dictator! You order to everybody to dance after your songs, BAD LUCK FOR YOU, we didn´t do it. Hard for you to accept it, but YOU MUST!
I kept my mouth shut for such long time, I thought it doesn´t make any sense, you don´t deserve to waste my time and energy fighting with you, but not anymore. You bitch what you are, you´ll get back all the hard time what you made for us, ALL!
Like you are acting, even now after we have nothing in commun anymore, I´ll take action as well. From the nice, kind and lovable person I´ll transforme in an indifferent, bad and arrogant, untill I´ll get my peace and satisfaction. Soon you´ll get to know the other ME.
When I singned off I was the most CONTENTED person in this world, only the thought that I don´t have to see you anymore, and to listen to your stupid and aberrant life´s lesson and stories, made me Happy. Happy and relieved that I have nothing to do with you anymore, NOTHING!
You are envious on My Lovely, envious that he has success, and you have nothing.
Seeing how all three of us are like family, was a torture for you, gave you a guilty feeling, you´ll never in your life be able to be a real parent for your children. Your privacy is more important that your children.
Shame on you!

You´ll pay back for each and everything! 100000% Garanty!


Mars said...

you go girl.

SARAH said...

Uhhh, I'm sorry you had to go through this... It's so frustrating seeing what some people might do! I just do not get it, how did she/he have the guts to upset your daughter, everyone knows children are sacred to every parent!!! Be brave and carry on with your plans!

Grayburn said...

Sorry to hear this. Rise above and be well.

I am scared to uncover the nails to see what is left underneath. But I had them shortened so they are less fierce!

take care,

Dino$ said...

hey sea life :)

nice post ;) you go girl!

thank u for passing by my blog

sea life said...

I´ll indeed!

In our family,there is nothing more imp. than children!!!Totally agree with you, they are sacred !

After I decided to take the nails off, and not continue with it
anymore,I made an intensive cure with olive oil.For sure you know better what to do:)

It´s a pleasure to visit your blog:)

Sandier Pastures said...

I hope you felt better after the rant post! Sometimes we just need to let go.

Hugs to you.

sea life said...

Oh yes, I´m feeling much better:) and I´ll definitely go on with my plans!
Hugs back:)