Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Finally, finally I had the chance to combine the work with pleasure!!!

After a super busy week, working and beeing on the way

from the morning untill late in the evening, I got the opportunity to go Shopping:)

I had a meeting in one mall,and then together with my princess just blenched to

explore the shops.

Das war aber super geil!!!

We were like escapeing from the jail, buing everything what we like, it didn't matter,

if we need it or not. We had so much fun! OMG what a goooooood feeling :)

Today was a very succesful day.

We had also a very important meeting with "Al Maya" ended in a very happy way.

Soon My Lovely will deliver at "Murooj" and "Jumeira Beach Resort" his splendid german bread.

Thank you God that You look after us!

Tomorrow it will be also a very busy and hard day, but I'm happy because weekend is so near, so I'll have one day for sleeping and visiting the beauty salon, spending time with my lovely family.

I wish you all to enjoy the weekend :)


extiinct said...

Beauty salon! Lol, been ages since I've been to one. Not having a driving license really sucks! My hair so badly needs a trim.

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have a great one :)

Laura said...

Sa aveti un weekend minunat!!!
Il meritati cu varf si indesat! :P

Te pup, draga Anca!

sea life said...

Beauty salon, was shit.I had a facial.Even now, after 1 week,my face is irritated;(

Mai bine mai tarziu dacat niciodata(raspunsul meu:)! Last weekend a fost minunat.
Mersi de retete, eu nu sunt profesionista in ale gatitului, de obicei, My Lovely se ocupa,dar am impresia ca va trebui sa ma obisnuiesc.Asa ca in fiecare zi, dupa ce vin de la birou, stau cu mama pe msm si gatesc "live":)Cateodata ma mai dau si eu rotunda (cu retetele tale)in fata mamei:)
Oricum iti trimit niste raze de soare pentru picioare:)

Karen ^..^ said...

I'd get my money back, if the facial wasn't what you wanted. Facials are not cheap, and if it made you break out, they may have used something too strong for your complexion. Not good.

Hope all is better now.

sea life said...

You have right, it was not cheap at all. I was very dissapointed, I called them already. They will never see me, except for manicure.(The girl doing this, is great).I'll call her to come at my place.
Thanks for passing by:)