Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looooong Day

Oh, today was a super loooooong day......... I'm exhausted.
Awake from six o'clock in the morning and being on the way till the evening.
Why the people from this country don't care about punctuality???????????
This is the worst thing for me, it pisses me off really! I plan my day, all the meetings, I also call before to confirme, actually everything should be very well organized....But NO, every time something is coming between. So every day, I'm very late at home and totally out of order.

I don't like to have a maid in our house, I managed everything until now, and I want to continue in my way. I want to be the one who is looking after Dedy, not somebody strange. That's the reason for what almost every day, after school, Dedy is going to the factory or depend where I am, the driver bring her. But all this ways and waiting time are to much for her.
Today it was awful, I had a meeting in one of the company's outlets, so the driver droped her at the place I was. This happend at 3pm, from there, something came up, so we had to go to another cafe for another meeting. I was so fucked up, completely pissed of. She was so tired, I felt my heart is crying and during all this stupid meeting I was just thinking about her.
Tomorrow, I'll have off, but on Saturday, I'll fix this. No more. I want to be home earlier. This is not the way. My Princess is more imp. than any job from this world!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking about my mother, it gives me a lot of Power and Energy.
She worked all the time, raised up 2 kids and later My Princess as well,looked after the house, everything was done by her self, without "maid", SO I CAN DO IT ALSO!

I'm so tired now, thinking about My Lovely, who is giving gas like a hell, every day, and he is still not home. Na ya, it's hard at begining, but I'm sure everything will calm down in the early future:)
Actually we are very happy that My Lovely has succes with his German Bread, and all the supermarkets are very impressed about.Now we just need to have little bit passion untill, the people find out the places from where they can get the Fresh German Bread.
I love you My Lovely, I love you so much!
Dedy I promise you, never will happend again, what's happend today! Stii ca Tu Esti Viata Mea si Ingerasul Meu!


Karen ^..^ said...

Your mother sounds like a very impressive woman. Things are very difficult to balance, these days, though. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Lilliy said...

It always happens and its just one of those days when every thing just falls out of place and nothing seems to go our way.. those kind of day I fell that the more I get upset the more I am gona have things that will go wrong.. so either I fume or just let my self be amused by it.. I would say then " of course that also went wrong" its just one of those days.. take a breather and a bath at the end of the day as you feel you slip in the warm water and then I usually just tone my mind totally out and go straight to bed.. morning always comes shining the next day and a promise of a new fresh start.. enjoyed reading your blog..

sea life said...

My mother is a very strong woman,she is 60 and still working very hard. Actually,my both parents are asame, very hard working guys.I'm not hard on myself, maybe sometimes, I expect to much from myself.But,THANKS Karen, I'm sure I'll do it:)

Only reading your words, and I got already relaxed:)Thanks a lot:)

Notorious said...

hiii loved your blog,,
I haven’t have one of these days in a really long time ,, I really miss them I know this sounds really strange but I love the way it feels by the end of that hectic day,, you know the “Wow I actually did something 2day” kind of feeling

sea life said...

Almost 10 years I worked on the ship, so every day was a hectic day.I neveer complained, BUT not anymore.I need some time with my princess as well.
thanks for your visit:)