Tuesday, October 28, 2008

***** DENISA *****

On last Thursday, I was very angry, my heart was full of grif. But how I said, on Saturday, the first thing on my "to do list" was to clear up my program.

So I DID IT :) Informed already everybody from the company that I'm available from 8 am untill 3pm. THAT'S IT, FINISH!!! Dedy is very happy, we have all the afternoon together, having lunch, doing homework, cleaning, cooking , watching tv :) Shopping not yet, cause now she's very busy, the exams will start soon, so she has to study a lot. I love it so much, when I see that she is so ambitous, she wants to be the first one, she wants to know each and everything. Sometimes I tell to her to stop, to take a break, coz it's enough, but she start to argue with me, later, she agrees but only to shut my mouth. In the next 5 min. I see her sneaking in the bathroom (with her books):)

In January this year, she started the school here. Normally she should go in the 5grade, she also passed the exam for this, but because, she didn't finish the 4grade at the last school, she was not allowed. She was in German KG, and then in German school, but when my Lovely and me decided to come to live here, we signed her out of the school, and got an English privat teacher at home, to prepare her for the next school. It was hard time for her, she had already almost 7 years of school only in German language, and suddnely she had to change to English.At begining, she was confused, she didn't like to learn English, she was afraid that she'll forget the German, language what she loved so much and worked so hard to learn it, a lot of mess was going on her mind. In a very short time, (it was a surprise for all of us) she got comfortable with the second foreign language. The english teacher was very happy with her and make her to love English also.

Now we can't stop her anymore, she is like a sponge, she wants to accumulate all the informations.

My Lovely is checking every day, the status of her German language. We have so much fun, let's say, during 30 min. we are talking about 3 languages: english, german, romanian. We keep our brains very busy:) And the new thing is that, Dedy started French as well.........:)))))))))

And in the last Arabic test she got 20/20, She got already her present for such a great mark:)

Congratulation Our Princess, we love you so much and we are so proud of you, BUT YOU KNOW ALL THISSSSSSSS THINGSSSSSS :):):) her reaction would be: yayayayaya, blablablabla,"So can I go on Thursday to meet my friends in Sahara Centre?":):):)

What can we do? My Lovely and me, are looking to eachother and say"Let us think about", but of course, tom. we have to organize the program for Thursday, according to our Small One:)



Mars said...

mashallah. i wish i could pick up languages so easily.

Notorious said...

me tooo :S

sea life said...

Agree with both of you
me tooooooooooo :)but I still can say :"she has it from her mother":)

Lilliy said...

when they are young and they have the talent for it. its the best time to pick up languages.. as you saw I am trying to learn turkish and every day I forget what I learnt yesterday.. I am hoping my blog would help me this time..
sound like you have a bright child... mashallah..

sea life said...

I use to tell to her that "the drawers of a child's brain, are almost empty at this age, so she has to fill it up with important informations". My brain is already old and full with info., that's why I have to erase some things, to make place for some other new.(my excuse, when I forget something:))

I wish you good luck in learning!