Thursday, October 9, 2008


The life on the sea, changed me so much. I became stronger and accumulated a lot of experience, regarding my job and most important: Life.
Meeting so many people, having different nationalities, coming from various cultures and traditions, gave me the opportunity to learn and know more about this world and to understand it easier. It was a hard job, but the life on the ship was dotted with so much fun. Everybody knew me, as a very tough and honest person, with a strong personality and character, but a big humour. I never lost my mind,or felt stressed when we had strong storm, when the sea was playing games with us beeing rough,or the restaurant was overbooked,or I met picky guests, and got complains. I always felt I have enough power to manage any problem, no matter what, my motto was:There is no problem without solution.

So what´s going on with me now?

Why I got the feeling, that I become such a weak and fragile person? Why my heart is so sad ? Where is all my strenght? Why I can`t help anymore the people I love and I care about? Why I feel that I can`t do anything, that I have two left hands?
Last year was the most difficult time from my life. My lovely and me, lost everything we had from one day to the other. Almost everything we have saved during so many years working on the ship. It was an extremely painful time, and very hard to hear the news, that the person we had so much trust has been cheated us. !!! Hope he will burn in hell !!!
Since then, we were living a time which squeezed, all my energy, hope, happiness and the joy of life.
Thanks GOD, I´m blessed with a wonderful Husband, Princess and a formidable Family.
They made everything to keep up my spirit! GOD showed me one more time, that I´m one of HIS favorite.
But still, I have to figure out what`s going on with me? The things got much better now, My Lovely is fighting like a lion and he progressed so much with his business.
Actually, I shouldn´t have worries anymore, soon I`ll start to work with him. So ,like in our best "epoch" we´ll be all the time together. Maybe this I miss, I miss the action and to be with My Lovely.
Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, So the best what I can do is, to refresh my mind and to ease my heart.
I think I´ll organize some fun for my Charming and Precious (small :)) Family!

Take care all and wish you a great week-end
(:-) --` `*---````*
(:-) -- ``*---````*

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