Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is so close :D

Since one year and one week I'm in U.A.E. I can't believe how fast the time is running. I'll spend the second Christmas here.
At least we made Dedy very happy and send her home from 1st of December. She was very firm, when we asked her where she wants to spend The Christmas and Silvester, definitely at home, where it's a really celebration and everybody can feel the spirit of Christmas, "floating" in the air.

The preparation started already since long time ago, all the houses are decorated and The Christmas Tree is waiting for its finery. Its turn will come next week, when all the family will be around , singing our lovely Christmas songs and decorating it for the big day :

The Birth Of Jesus !


Jayne said...

Happy Christmas to you & your family hon. Hopefully everything will be working with msn & you'll get to see & chat to your family at home :-)

sea life said...

Happy Christmas to you too, dear Jayne. May God keep you and your dears under His protection.

msm was working:)

Karen ^..^ said...

Merry Christmas!