Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Day

The program for today:

1.last day in the office :):):)

2.farewell meeting with my boss (don't feel like going)

3.pick up my mother's dress from the tailor:):):) (hopefully it will fit her, so she can wear it for my brother's wedding)

4.find a beauty salon, to change my hair style directly :):):)

5.go home and check, if the all three wedding dresses (mama's, Dedy's, and mine) are fitting in the suitcase

6.organize all the gifts for my family a new suitcase, if it's necessary (I think so, I don't know yet)

8.enjoy a cold drink accompanied by a cigarette :):):)

9.wait for My Lovely to come back home (meantime,preparing a romantic surround)

10.Chinese dinner :):):)

That's my list of "to do" for today. I love all the points, except one, which I do it because I have to.

Anyway, I can feel already that in about 4 hours I'll have a strong headache, and need to go home as soon is possible :)

Half of my heart is happy and the other half is sad.
I'm very excited that I'll go home soon, stay with my family, attend my brother wedding, meet all the relatives, friends and acquaintances............. BUT.............on the other hand, I'm sad, because My Lovely can't be with me.
However, in one month I'll be back together with our Princess :) So, our small family will be a *** unit*** again :)

Two more days to go!
I wish you all to have a great time, at work or on holiday :-)


Seraphine said...

you have more happiness in one day than i could fit in a year! ohh my, it sounds very busy. i love weddings.

Mars said...

enjoy yourself :)

sea life said...

Welcome and thanks for coming in my "Precious Life", dear seraphine.I love weddings as well.

mars.Oh, yes I will! Thanks a lot:)