Friday, August 8, 2008

My dear Princess

After a very hard a long flight, I'm finally back to my parents home. Very tired but very happy. With all the family around, I have no reason to complain (I just miss My Lovely). Our Princess is so beautiful, even I didn't see her since 2 month only, I feel she changed so much. She is so sweet and so excited because we are together now. She is talking so much, telling me everything what she has done in all this time (in details :)). I am so happy that we have a wonderful relation, we are best friends. I hope it will remain like this all the time.
God thank you for everything!!!


Inspire Your Mind said...

Is this your daughter ? she looks smart :)

Please come and visit my new blog..

Mars said...

she is adorable mashallah :)

sea life said...

Thank you very much. She is my love and my life!

iym.:I was already:)I'm happy that u r back.

mars: I'll check yours right now!:)

Sandie said...

Hey! It is so nice to be surrounded by family and friends. I just love the atmosphere, full of love. Hope you enjoy it and your daughter is fantastic! I hope I will have the same relationship with Skye when she grows up!

sea life said...

sandie: The feeling you have it when you are surrounded by family, is incomparable!
I'm sure you'll have a great relation with Skye :)