Friday, August 15, 2008

Santa Maria

Today, 15th August in Romania is a huge celebration. Holy of holies Santa Maria, the Mother of Jesus. She is our Protective Mother. I believe in Her very strong, and always She helped me.
Today is also the last day of the fast in her honor. During the fast is also forbidden to party and revel. Like a conclusion, there are no weddings in this period of time.

But Tomorrow will be the first day, after the fast when all the weddings will start to take place.
tomorrow *** 16-08-2008 *** my little brother will get married.
I can't believe is happening, my little brother is not little anymore, he is a Man, a real Man.
I love him so much, and always we had a special relation. I know he will be there for me all the time, day or night, no matter the place in this world. He is a great brother!!!


Mars said...

congrats and all the best for your brother and his bride :)

sea life said...

Thank you, dear Mars :)
All the best for you too!