Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 July

Already so long time.............. I feel like it was yesterday.....
I'm happy, I'm happy that I married you! I love you so much My Lovely!
I'm sure we will pass over this tough time and we'll achieve all our goals, soon we'll have a happy and peaceful life, like we used to have before it happened.......(you know what).
Anyway, we are a very strong and united couple, we lived through all these troubles, and now we really learned our lesson. In the near future we will get our LIFE back!!! I'm sure about :)
In the evening we'll dine out!!!So we'll have a great evening!!!
*** Happy Anniversary My Lovely ***
*** I love you ***


Sandier Pastures said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your honey!

sea life said...

Thank you very much Grace!!!
Oh yes it was INDEED :)

Jayne said...

(belated) Happy Anniversary to you & your 'Lovely'. He sounds like a special man :-)

sea life said...

Thank you, dear Jayne !!!(yes, he is :))