Sunday, July 6, 2008

My first post

I'm very glad that finally I found this spot where I can write down my thoughts!
I am looking forward to introduce you to my Precious Life.....................
About me:
I am Romanian from Transilvanya and I'm very proud of it. As you can see, my mother language is not English, so I apologize for the structure grammar and configuration errors, which I might have in the future, since I'm not fluent in this language, but I give all my best to improve it :-)

I'm open to develop new friendships with people from all over the world and to get knowledge of other cultures, traditions and habbits.

That's it for beginning.........................:)
I forgot to tell you, that I have latin blood so sometimes is getting really hot (Ego boiling), but I can be the best friend :-)


Jayne said...

Welcome to the blogoverse hon :-) Don't sweat the small stuff over grammar or spelling - there's a hell of a lot worse 'out there' than you!
I'm proud to say I went to Romania - I can barely remember as it was 1971. I think 2 of the lasting memories I have of the country are people with steel teeth (remember this was during the communist era) & the populations love of garlic!

sea life said...

Oh, happy to see you here Jayne :)
Happy me, I was not born when you were in Romania!
Yes, I do remember that our(my brother &me) favorite old uncle had "steel teeth".He was a lovely men, even we called him "the wolf" from "Rotte Kaepchen"(I don't know the name of this fairy tale in english,but I'm sure you know which I mean)
Regarding garlic, of course....Dracula :)

Al Sinjab said...

Congratulations on your first post, sea life!

Be careful, blogging is addictive :)

sea life said...

Al Sinjab
Thanks a lot! I'll keep in my mind your advice :)

Anonymous said...

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