Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Huge Thank For God & My Gorgeous Family

I hope and hope and hope........................everything will be fine and soon our dreams
will come true!!!
Thank You God for the power you gave us to survive through this hard time!!!
Thank you My Lovely for fighting like a lion for our family!!!
Thank you Mom & Dad for all your support and encouragements!!!
Thank you Nico for being my BROTHER and all your Help!!!
Thank you FOR our *** ANGEL ***!!!


SARAH said...

Hi :) And welcome to Blogger, I hope you'll have lots and lots of fun while blogging and venting out here. I have read all your posts so far, waiting for new ones. I'm so happy when I meet family orientated people, I really enjoyed reading your latest post, awww!!! Keep up the good work.

sea life said...

Hi Sarah,

For me -Family- is the most important!!!

Thank you for your warm wishes and nice words.