Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Relaxing evening

As my lovely (my husband), is very busy lately, with organising his business, and our princess is in holiday, back to my parents, I'm giving all my best to fill up my free time.....

Yesterday, after I came back from work, my lovely escaped for 2 hours from his hectic world,

just to have lunch and little bit rest together. Sometimes it's really unbelievable how the time is running !!! But hey, is still better than nothing!!!

Anyway, after he was gone, I kept myself busy with some domestic work......but everything

has an what to do?!

Thanks God, we are living close to the beach, so I was thinking: why not? Even that all those

disturbing starring men are truly making you feeling like coming from another planet...

I love the sea, and I miss so much sailing on the sea, so I was thinking...common just ignore everybody and look after having a relaxing evening ... So as I did!!!

With DJ MOOOOO in my ears, a bottle of Pepsi and of course my cigarettes I had a great and funny time!!!

Thanks DJ MO :)

The SEA was GORGEOUS! Oh how I love it, I fell in love with the SEA since loooongg time agooo....

Thanks to HER I had the most beautiful time in my life, I learnt a lot of life's lessons and not only, and also met my love :-)
So, yesterday evening I enjoyed a wonderful time, recalling my private movie about my Life on the Sea :)
Note: us, the sailors, call the Sea and the Ship as "SHE"


Sandie said...

Welcome to the World of blogging!!! You will enjoy every bit of it! Nice to have you as a blog friend!!!Oh, and thank you for your advice. I am a new mother, away from my family and friends and the heat does not help much, so we have to stay in-doors most of the times. But we are learning new things every day and baby is changing so fast,too.

sea life said...

Thank you very much for entering my lovely spot.
You are more than welcome in my "Precious Life" :)

Sandier Pastures said...

What a lovely time for you and your hubby. I love the sea too but right now is just too hot to go there. I hope to go to the beach again after our vacation.

Is that your boat in the photo!!? It's gorgeous.

sea life said...

In my profile picture is the most luxurious and expensive Manual sailing ship from the world:"Sea Cloud".
On the layout, first one is the young automatic sister:"Sea Cloud II" and behind is the faimous lady "Sea Cloud".
The picture is done in Antigua.
I worked together with My Lovely on both Ladies.
wonderful time...........