Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Step

About 2 weeks before, we started a very serious research regarding flats. We need something, not too big but not too small, for about 4-5 month, until My Lovely will organise our "future real home" :)(now we are living together with a friend family in a villa)
I was a bit disappointed after we checked a few of its; location was not suitable for us and the price and quality were like to parallel lines!!!(never meeting each other), but we didn't lose our hope!
The day before yesterday, ML got an offer, so we gave one more try, and check the flat......................

Very good news!!! I'm so excited!!!
Today we'll get the furniture and Latest, the day after tomorrow we'll move in our flat :) which really meet AlMoSt all our expectations !!! at least for the moment :)))))))))))
Oh My God, I'm so ***HAPPY*** !!!!!!! The First Step Is Done!!!!! Slowly but surely ***(I didn't know this way of doing things, I started to learn about 1 year ago) Soon I'll get Back my way: very good, organised and FAST :):):)

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